HHC Design Solution is a professional interior design team rooted in Taiwan, with an international perspective, specialising in the creative construction of spatial environments. Apart from our head office in Taipei, we also has branches in Shanghai and other Asian cities. HHC has completed over a hundred projects in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China since 2000, including headquarters of international enterprises, shopping malls, retail shops, hotel design, business clubs, sample houses, real estate sales offices, luxury mansions and facelifts for architectural exteriors. Our team’s recent work has been featured in many professional design media all over the world, and has earned top design awards in both domestic and international competitions, our reputation and customer return rate always remains excellent.

HHC Design Solution is a team of young and creative professionals who always welcome a challenge, we have highly skilled, interdisciplinary staff in spatial aesthetics, design trends, electrical and mechanical engineering for architecture, and design project management providing integrated spatial solutions for customer projects. We have an acute sense of style and trend and always keep up to date with the newest developments. We endeavour to produce lasting designs that emphasise quality and detail, yet are anchored in practicality. It is our passion to create the most comfortable, harmonious and delicately balanced aesthetics in our spatial structures.

Under the principle of “versatile creativity, with an emphasis on commitment and communication”, we always consider the customer’s position and look at things from their point of view. We insist on integrating full background research, compatibility analyses and key factor determination into the organisation of tangible space, as we believe that this is the only way to find the best design solutions for our customers. This not only shows in the time and budget managements, satisfying the customer’s entrepreneurial targets, but extends in to their long-term goals and future plans. We provide a full-scale service, covering everything from concept to execution, inspiration to implementation and timely delivery. Within the multiplicity of spatial professions, we always fulfil our missions by interlinking strategic organisation, design induction, practical engineering and project management, creating the best design strategies that strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics and market value.